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Of Hopes and Dreams Naturals
Of Hopes and Dreams Naturals
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If you find yourself here, then you’ve likely realized that what’s in your products is important.  Ever wonder exactly what is in the products you use in your house and on your family every day?  Ever read the ingredient list and wonder what they all are?  Can you even pronounce them?  Worry these ingredients may be harmful?  Wish you could find products that you could trust to be all natural and free of chemicals and harmful ingredients?  Me too.

Many of the products on the market today contain harmful chemicals that wreak havoc on our bodies. One example is paraben, an endocrine disruptor that is widely used in consumer products such as lotions, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and more. Parabens are added to these products to inhibit the growth of bacteria but paraben mimics estrogen in the body, and over time it builds up and can contribute to breast cancer and reproductive issues in both women and men. Research indicated that they can be stored in the body and the cumulative effect is damaging to our health over time.

I could give you many examples but I want you to see how other products score? Check out the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to see how your current products rate:


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